7 Things Celine Dion Taught Me About Love

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One of Canada’s greatest exports, Celine Dion, has taught us so much. Here are seven ways in which she has taught us about love.

1. “If you believe in love, love can move mountains” – Now, I don’t think she literally means move mountains, unless Celine has some super powers that we don’t know about or something (I think she does, right?). If there’s something Celine can do it’s sing a damn good metaphor. Two people believing in their love can move any obstacle that gets in their way.

2. “We’re heading for something, somewhere I’ve never been. Sometimes I am frightened, but I’m ready to learn of the power of love.” – Do you think Celine has ever been in a haunted house? What about a haunted house ride at an amusement park? Imagine her cozied up to Rene, holding on to his arm, and then screaming when a skeleton jumps out of the wall. Most likely she’s never been in a haunted house, but I bet she knows a bit about new love (or at least her songwriters do). The feelings we get when we think or even know that we love someone are scary, but it’s that good kind of scary; it’s something we want to know all about and embrace.

3. “When I fall in love it will be forever or I’ll never fall in love.” – When Celine was in elementary school do you think boys had crushes on her? Do you think they passed her notes with do you like me check this box kind of notes? This song has some nice sentiments, but it gets real heavy, real fast. I think what Celine sings here breaks down to this: when you fall in love with someone you want it to be forever if not you’re doomed to be a cat lady.

4. “Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach, you gave me faith ’cause you believed. I’m everything I am because you loved me.” When Celine is in her pantry and she can’t reach stuff on the top shelf do you think she uses a step-stool? This one’s pretty clear: The love someone has for you is very powerful and it can give you faith to accomplish almost anything.

5. “Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime and never let go till we’re gone.” Celine has reenacted the scene from Titanic where Jack and Rose stand on the edge of the ship at least a dozen times, right? I mean I would (I have) if I were her. Sometimes we have one love that stays with us until we die even if that person doesn’t remain in our life for long or happens to drown in the ocean.

6. “So don’t surrender ’cause you can win in this thing called love.” How much do you want to be Celine is a master at Connect Four? I bet she won’t even let her kids win. She’s teaching them how to be winners. This song could be misconstrued by stalkers, but let’s for the sake of love just imagine that love is worth fighting for here even if it’s hard to get sometimes.

7. “Hush, now. Well, I see a light in your eyes, all in the eyes of the boy. I can’t believe if I’ve been touched by an angel with love.” I bet Celine watches a lot of TV. I wonder what shows she DVRs? I can imagine she loves anything with Jennifer Love Hewitt in it. She started with her on Party of Five, then moved on with her to Touched By An Angel, and then Ghost Whisperer. Looking in the eyes of someone when you say you love them can feel like an out of body experience sometimes.