8 Places To Meet Someone In December

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1. In the check-out line….
Of Target. Of Nordstrom. Of J.Crew. Of Dick’s Sporting Goods. Of Bath and Body Works. Anywhere you go to buy a present for your friend/Mom/Dad/Kid Brother/Co-Worker, you’re likely to run into someone else who’s also shopping for gifts. If you’re brave, you can always approach someone by asking “Hey, can I get your opinion? I’m shopping for my Mom/Dad, and …”

2. At a Holiday Party
At no other point of the year will you be invited to such a concentrated string of social events, many of which will be full of people whom you’ve never met before. Definitely a big enough dating pool to get you through January and February…

3. At a bar on a weeknight.
We’re not talking about the packed weekend crowd at the coolest bar in town, we’re talking about the quiet neighborhood spot that goes overlooked during summer because you’d rather be drinking outside. But when it’s cold, you’re far more likely to spend a Wednesday night sipping a whiskey neat at the closest bar you can find … and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the crowd.

4. At the airport.
Holiday delays are to be expected, so go prepared! Head to the airport bar and see what other miserably stranded people might need to pass the time. Go to the computer station and ask to borrow someone’s plug. Strike up a conversation in the magazine section of the Hudson News. Ask someone to watch your stuff while you run to the bathroom, and then strike up a conversation upon your return. The possibilities are endless!

5. At the one place open on Christmas Day…
If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you don’t have a ton of choices about where to eat or hang out on Christmas Day. This is a good thing: it means all the other non-celebrating people are forced to go to the same Chinese Restaurant as you. Solidarity!

6. Volunteering
If you’re generous and selfless enough to spend time volunteering during the holidays, you’re sure to meet some other selfless and kind people, as well. And then you guys can get married and save the world and continue make the rest of us look bad.

7. Free concerts
You don’t have to be super into Christmas to appreciate the cultural offerings of the season. Find a free concert of Handel’s Messiah at a Church, or a community production of The Nutcracker. Or, if you love Christmas Schmaltz, head on down to your local tree lighting, get a hot chocolate, and find someone who is singing “Frosty The Snowman” as lustily as you are.

8. Under the mistletoe…
It’s got to work for some people, no?