Safe Sexting? New “Self Destructing Message” Service Promises to Protect Your Dirty Secrets

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You know how it is. You want, so badly, to send dirty messages to a trusted few, but you worry that your life will become the next ScarJo scandal. Shouldn’t there be some simple solution solution to this universal problem?

Well, now there is. Sort of.

The creepily named new website, One Time Secret, provides you with the means to send “self destructing” messages. Just paste your “not-for-mass-consumption” content into the site’s text box, and they’ll provide you with a link that can only be used once. Once the recipient has viewed your discreet missive, it is automatically deleted. Forever.

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But, wait! Before you go sending off the your entire collection of self-shot smut, there’s a few things you should know. First, One Time Secret does not allow you to post photos. The best that you can do is paste in a link to photo, which kind of defeats the purpose. Second, there is nothing stopping the recipient of your message from taking a screenshot of it, which they can then share with friends, co-workers, members of the press, etc.

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However, while “safe-sexting” may not yet be a reality, One Time Secret has taken an important step in the right (?) direction. We may soon be able to send explicit materials to each other, willy nilly, without any fear of retribution. Hallelujah.

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