Wanna Get a Girlfriend? Get a Hamster First.

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Some people hate dogs, some people are allergic to cats, some people are deathly afraid of snakes, or creeped out by birds, or grossed out by snakes.

But, for the most part, people seem to be pretty okay with hamsters.

A recent study of single Britons on Craigslist.co.uk asked men and women which pets would make them “less inclined” to date someone. Predictably, dog and cat owners scored pretty highly on the “Do Not Want To Date” list (28% and 25%), as did spider owners (though this one seemed to affect women more than men).

But both men and women were fairly unperturbed at the thought of dating someone with a hamster – only 10% said they would feel less-inclined to date someone with one.

Which, okay, hamsters are relatively cute, low-maintenance animals. You wouldn’t have to worry about a boyfriend needing to rush home to walk his hamster, or the hamster creepily climbing up on the bed during sex, or the hamster hissing and scratching and generally not liking a new human companion [aka You].


What adult owns a hamster?!

If I were on a first date, and asked a guy, “Do you have any pets?”, and he casually responded “Oh yeah, I have a hamster, Roy, he’s really great,” I would be weirded out. I’m not sure I’d want to meet Roy. I think I’d much rather meet a dog or a cat.

What do you guys think? Are people who own hamsters the most dateable of pet-owners?