Adam Lambert’s Guide to Salvaging a Disastrous Family Holiday

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The first Christmas (or Hanukkah, or Easter, or Eid, or whatever) you spend with a new boyfriend or girlfriend’s family is often stressful, since you’re trying to say and do all the right things. No one knows this better than singer Adam Lambert, who got invited to new boyfriend Sauli Koskinen’s family’s home in Finland for the holidays, only to wind up getting arrested after a drunken bar fight. How do you rebound from that?

Since getting sprung from jail, Adam has been working overtime to win over Sauli, his family, and their fans. Adam tweeted messages about how great Sauli and his family were as well as ones where he took ownership of his action and apologized. He also tweeted this picture of him and Sauli in festive Christmas hats and mentioned what a great time he was having with their family. In other words, the guy knows how to do damage control. So what happens if you similarly muck up your new partner’s family gathering and need to make amends?

1. Apologize quick and early. Admit you made a mistake and don’t try to blame anyone else, since that will just make you look worse.
2. Once you’ve apologized, move on to enjoying the present. Take part in even the corniest family rituals with joy, whether that’s group singalongs or matching holiday outfits.
3. Be grateful. Say please and thank you, and make sure everyone knows how much you enjoy spending time with them and how appreciative you are that they invited you.