Are You Dating Your Friend’s Ex-Girlfriend (Like Jim Carrey Is)? 4 Tips for Everyone Involved

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Comedian Jim Carrey has been bouncing from relationship to relationship since splitting with Jenny McCarthy. His latest hookup is Anastasia Vitkina, a Russian woman who is studying in New York. And how did the lovebirds meet? Anastasia used to date one of Jim’s less-famous friends and decided to trade up.

While Jim’s friend hasn’t spoken out in the media, he has a pretty good reason to be pissed. If Jim is reading this, we have a couple of suggestions for how to handle the dating-your-friend’s-ex thing without making it super awkward for everyone involved:

1. Make sure your friend and his ex are broken up before you swoop in. Not on a break, not “having problems,” like for real broken up. The last thing you want is uncomfortable overlap.

2. Give your friend the heads up before they read about it on the internet. Nobody needs a repeat of the Deion Sanders incident.

3. Don’t rub it in. Maybe hold off on the public making out photo ops for at least a few weeks while everybody gets used to the idea.

4. When you and your random girlfriend inevitably break up after the thrill of secrecy dies down, mend fences with your former friend and laugh about how you both dodged a bullet.