Have You Ever Hidden a Boyfriend or Girlfriend from Your Family a la Real Housewife Kim Richards?

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On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, one of the ongoing themes is how sisters Kyle and Kim Richards (pictured: Kim’s the blonde) have a majorly codependent relationship. Both were child actors growing up, but Kim was a big star whose earnings supported the whole family, and she has never gotten over the resentment. However, because of Kim’s ongoing issues with addiction, she often defers to Kyle or has to get help from her sister. This season, Kim began dating a man named Ken (what’s with the K names here, people?) but waited almost a year to tell her sister or introduce them, claiming she didn’t want to deal with Kyle’s criticism. She was right to be worried: Kyle hated Ken on sight and has bashed him on camera every second she got.

Have you ever kept a boyfriend or girlfriend hidden from your family? I know couples who have kept their relationships low key or hidden from some relatives because of religious or cultural differences, and some who hid their relationships completely because they weren’t ready to be open about their sexual identity. If you have hidden a partner from your family, why did you do it, and what eventually happened?