Honda’s “Leap List” Campaign Says CR-Vs Help You Fulfill Your Dreams Before Marriage Kills Them

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Just saw this new commercial from Honda, called “Proposal”:

Here’s the dialogue:

Man: “Do you wanna get married?”

Woman: “Married?” [inner monologue] “There were so many things I was gonna do first. I was gonna hike the Appalachian Trail! And I still have to learn to play the drums. And I *still* need to finish my short film.” [back to him] “OK. But we have a lot to get done first.”

….oh, right. Because marriage renders you incapable of traveling and fulfilling your creative pursuits. Obviously.

Over at Automotive.com, here’s Blake Z. Rong’s response to this campaign, which is called “Leap List” (“Before you make your leap, make a list”):

If you’re not ready to have a baby or get married, the Honda CR-V provides a handy excuse to get out of it. After all, what better way to dodge these life-changing moments than by procrastinating about it, perfect for today’s Facebook-addicted millennial who thinks in 140 characters or less (of which I am guilty)? Honda, with these two commercials, thinks that the CR-V can help—by giving young, blandly handsome couples new and exciting things to procrastinate about.

The second commercial he’s talking about, “Baby,” has a similar setup as “Proposal,” except — wait for it — this time it’s a woman who wants a baby; her partner agrees but wants to “see the Northern Lights in Alaska and go spelunking with the guys and build one of those fighting robots” first.

I actually find this one less annoying…or really, not annoying at all. Sure, while not everyone finds parenthood as oppressive as Paul Rudd’s character in Knocked Up does, nap schedules and diaper changes have a way of complicating impromptu Alaskan getaways. I get that.

But trying to sell cars by saying that having a ring on your finger makes you less able to learn the drums? That’s just badvertising.