Bryan Ferry’s Guide to Marrying Your Son’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Musician Bryan Ferry just got married again – congrats! And he got married to his son’s ex-girlfriend – maybe not congrats? Bryan, the former lead singer of Roxy Music, is 66, and his new bride, Amanda Sheppard, is 29. And, as mentioned, the couple met when Amanda was dating one of Bryan’s kids. How do you handle that kind of awkward at Thanksgiving? Here are a few suggestions for the newlyweds:

1. When people ask how you guys met, say “on the internet.”

      Or “at the grocery store.” Say whatever you want, provided it’s not the truth. This is one of those rare occasions when lying is a really great idea.

2. When your son brings his new girlfriend home to meet his family, I would advise against stepmom/girlfriend bonding that involves sharing stories about their sex lives. That will in prevent that uncomfortable moment when they realize that their sex stories are about the same person.

3. Do not ask your new ex-boyfriend-stepson to call you Mom. That will take more years of therapy than he has left in his life.