5 Ways to Not Freak Out If All Your Friends Are Engaged (And You’re Not)

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How many times do you think you’ve run your eyes down your Facebook feed to see a woman’s hand slapped up there, bearing a glorious diamond ring, showing off that she’s newly engaged (!!!!!) ? It’s an interesting phenonenom, and something that is stressing some single girls out. Like, she’s engaged?!? I can’t even get one good date!! (Ummm… go here.)

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Even if you’re not gunning to be married asap, in-your-face engagement advertisements can be a reminder that your life isn’t exactly on track — you don’t have the job you always wanted, you don’t have health care, your apartment sucks, you’re not as settled as you’d hoped you be at this point. The Daily Muse recently ran some good coping tips, and I think they apply to any of those little life disappointments.

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Like, why do I not have my own reality TV show, I ask myself sometimes. But then I Gain Some Perspective, Get Rid Of The Pedestals, Track My Progress, Say A Silent Thank You, and last but not least, I remind myself to Be Patient. Because I might score my own show one day. And anxious ladies everywhere, you’ll probably get engaged one day.