The Difference Between Romantic and Creepy

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If someone pulled a “Say Anything” on you, would you think it was sweet or creepy? What’s your stance on flowers at work (if you never told him where you work?) I guess it depends on the person.

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Fortunately The Frisky has made a handy dandy cheat sheet detailing what’s creepy and what’s not.


Sweet: Pulling a “Say Anything.”
Creepy: Pulling a “Say Anything” after you dumped him.

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Sweet: A handwritten letter telling you he has a crush on you.
Creepy: A handwritten letter on your doorstep from the guy who followed you home from the grocery store. (See above.)

Sweet: Flowers at work.
Creepy: Flowers at work when you haven’t told him where you work.

Sweet: Surprise dinner reservations.
Creepy: Surprise dinner reservations where he introduces you to his entire family.

Sweet: A mix CD of songs he thought you’d like.
Creepy: A mix CD of 20 songs he wrote about you.

See the rest here.

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