Be Honest: Do You Really Give a F–k About Valentine’s Day?

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HowAboutWe is a dating site, and most of us here really like chocolate, so obviously Valentine’s Day is at the forefront of our minds this time of year. But how does the average layperson feel about the holiday, really?

The People Who Love Valentine’s Day
Some people really, genuinely love Valentine’s Day, and not just because Hallmark told them to. These people like the holiday regardless of whether or not they’re in a relationship, because it’s not about the sweeping romantic plans. For them, Valentine’s Day is about the red and the pink, the candy hearts, the red velvet cupcakes, the cheesy paper Valentines for friends and family, the opportunity to celebrate not just romance, but familial and platonic love as well. They remember Valentine’s Day as it once was, in the simpler days of elementary school: a fun holiday where you’d go home with a cardboard mailbox full of colorful messages and candy from friends and teachers, a holiday where you felt loved.

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The People Who Hate Valentine’s Day
Of course, there’s a more vocal set that absolutely loathes Valentine’s Day. They’re just as ardent in their hatred of the holiday as the true admirers are in their love for it. These people strongly resent being told when to express their love for someone (February 14th) and how to do it (candy, poems, flowers, dinners). Even when they’re in a happy relationship, they firmly resist celebrating, and when they’re single they’ll avoid going to a drugstore or candy shop for the full month before the big day. The most militant of Valentine’s Day haters might even refer to it by its somewhat depressing moniker, Single Awareness Day (fittingly, SAD, for short).

The People Who Like It….Sometimes
The third type of person lets their relationship status determine how they feel about Cupid’s favorite holiday: if they’re single, they’ll make acerbic remarks about it to their other, single friends, but if they’re in a relationship they’re the first on the phone to make romantic dinner reservations. For them, February 14th is a holiday to be celebrated when you’re in love, and willfully ignored when single.

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The Rest of the Population
The fourth, and final type of person just could not give a f–k about Valentine’s Day. At all. They’re not even reading this post right now, because they would have never clicked on this link.

So we’re curious: in your deepest, deepest heart, where do you fall on the topic of Valentine’s Day?