We Swear, We SWEAR, This Was a Real Question

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So, you know how earlier this week some of our HowAboutWe material was performed as part of a theater revue?

We couldn’t help but notice this choice excerpt from the Betabeat review of the show:

“Then again, the source material was so absurd, you couldn’t really blame them. In one scene, a worried late bloomer (played by Ms. Goldberg) writes to an advice columnist about her boyfriend’s propensity to snap his fingers uncontrollably when he ejaculates.

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“Is this weird?” she asks.”

Okay, some of you may have recognized that as our “Tell Me If You Think This Is Weird: My Boyfriend Snaps His Fingers During Sex…” column.

All we’re going to say is this: that was not a made-up question.
Absurd? Sure.
Made-up? No.

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Thank you, and good night!