This Artsy V-Day Gift Will Bring You Together

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Paintapic is a kit that lets you turn your favorite photo in to a custom paint-by-number kit (brushes, paints and canvas included). Talking about this kit just reminded me how much I love kits! They’re so handy and thoughtful. They give you everything you need!

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And this kit would make a great Valentine’s Day gift. As we’ve discussed before, finding the right Valentine’s Day gift can be hard. You know what not to buy, but what to buy? How about this?

Just upload a picture, wait for your neat-o kit to arrive in the mail, then paint it with your lovvvverrrr. It’s both a personalized gift and to-do activity. If you buy this for, say, your girlfriend, you’ll be the hero of Valentine’s Day. Your girlfriend has probably never heard of Paintapic, so you seem pretty cool, plus it is just incredibly thoughtful. You can’t tell anyone about this gift without them saying, “oh, that’s so cool and thoughtful!” In fact, if I did not buy this gift for my girlfriend, and then after Valentine’s Day I heard that my friend bought it for his girlfriend, I would be like “you @**hole. Thanks for making me look bad with your awesome gift.”

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If you order on or prior to February 7th, you’ll get the kit in time for Valentine’s Day AND they hooked us up with a discount, so (valid through Valentine’s Day) you can get $10 off by entering “howaboutwepaint” in the coupon code area.

p.s. If all this sounds good, but a little too PG for V-Day — you’ll want to check out the R-rated Love is Art Kit. There are many similarities to Paintapic: It’s a kit that involves painting. It’s personalized. It’s something you do together. But it’s definitely not paint-by-numbers. Ahem.