Is There Anything Better Than Old People, In Love?

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British couple Lionel and Ellen Buxton, who are 99 and 100 years old, respectively, met in 1930, and 80 years later, they’re still together and still in love.

Let’s try to process this together, shall we?

In 1930:

  • Constantinople changed its name to “Istanbul.”
  • The chocolate chip cookie was invented.
  • Neil Armstrong was born.

…and that’s the year they started dating!


It’s amazing, cause 30 years later, in 1960, they were probably like, “Wow, we are over the hill!” but they actually still had another 52 years ahead of them.

Ellen, who, need I remind you, is a century old, said to The Daily Mail,

“We are more in love now than ever. We keep each other going.”

And here’s where the importance of the date comes in:

“We have always made sure we have had nice evenings out together. Whether it is going for a romantic meal or out to play bingo.”


Impressive, and heart-warming, and lovely!