Vocab Lessons: Old-Fashioned Dating Terms To Bring Back

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Glamour just published a list of 15 dating terms to bring back from the dead, and we’re going to start using some of them immediately.

Dance Card: In olden times (love using that phrase, by the way…), women would carry little booklets around their wrists at dances, and men would have to literally sign up for the pleasure of waltzing. We’ve long loved this term at HowAboutWe, especially the concept of having “a full dance card.” Your dating life should be a full dance card of different and interesting people, too–at least til you find someone you want to settle down with.

Going Steady: Because sometimes you’re between boyfriend/girlfriend, and just “seeing each other.”

Getting Pinned: Promise rings have creepy implications. A pin just means you’re taken–for now.

Dalliance: As a verb, for example: I’ve dallied in French boys visiting the US on vacation.

Just think! If all these words came back into style, maybe Jay-Z would do a cover of THIS song:

[15 Dating Terms We Want To Bring Back]