The Most Bangable Dudes In American History

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Throwback Friday: We’ve been having fun going through Date Report archives lately, and re-reading old articles. In case you missed it, we decided to republish this gem from a few months back, on the all important topic of who in history was, well, bangable. Be sure to also check out the follow-up: Bangable Chicks In History. Enjoy!

Does the name “Eugene V. Debs” strike a bell? If you remember him from your American history class in High School, you probably vaguely remember something about labor unions. Chances are, you won’t remember what a fox he was. Allow us to enlighten you.

We’re pretty obsessed with the site “Bangable Dudes in History“, because if there’s anything our AP textbooks lacked, it’s in-depth descriptions of how hot these dudes actually were. And this is important information. We need to know.

Eugene V Debs

You remember EVDebs, right? Ran for the presidency under the socialist party? Formed labor unions? Of course all that is besides the point. The point is: look how cute he was! Look at those soul-searing eyes! That cravat! He looks like Ryan Gosling.

General William Tecumseh Sherman

Talk about your Modern Major General, William Tecumseh Sherman is widely considered to be the first. He fought in the Civil War–on the good side! If they made a movie of his life today, he would be portrayed (dashingly) by Colin Firth.

Alexander Hamilton

A founding father with a penchant for duel fighting, a talent for number crunching, and really amazing bone structure. It’s no secret that girls still hoard $10 bills for those cheekbones alone. I see you, Alexander Hamilton.

Evander Berry Hall

Evander Berry Hall was the first metrosexual (from New York, of course.) Apparently, he won some New York contest for the title of “King of the Dudes,” something we need to reinstate in the city immediately. Also, he never drank water? Love a guy with colorful quirks!

Our Submission: Jack London

Oh, hey there Jack London, with your carefully styled hair, blue eyes, and handsome youthful face. You know how you quit Berkeley to go to the Klondike? That’s hot. You know what else is hot? You.

Do you have suggestions for hot guys in history? Someone who’s portrait in your history book led you to linger on the page just a little longer than necessary? Send them to bangabledudes@gmail.com.

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