Vocab Lessons: “He’s a Total Ignatiy”

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When Roger Ebert announced that 24-year-old Ignatiy Vishnevetsky would be his new co-host on At the Movies, it kind of turned my world upside down.

I mean, we all know what TV film critics are supposed to look like, right? They wear big honkin’ glasses. They have goofy teeth. They wear a scarf and a turtleneck at the same time indoors. In general, they rock a schlubby and vaguely professorial look.

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (whose name I can’t stop saying), on the other hand, looks like a post-virginity Justin Bieber with a strong chin. He’s adorable yet classy and has been known to stand on a boat and let the ocean breeze blow his shirt open. Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t this guy too good looking for the job?

It’s prompted us here at HowAboutWe to coin a new addition to the dating vocab vault, along the lines of “Betty,” “Baldwin” and “full-on Monet”:

Ig.nat.iy (ig-nah-tee):n. a person whose level of attractiveness is totally incongruous with their occupation, often to the point where it makes us kind of uncomfortable.

Cutie behind the counter at the DMV? Ignatiy. Total babe at the tollbooth? Ignatiy. Bangable bailiff at small claims court? Ignatiy.

It’s basically the flip side to being a Talent Slut’s crush:

Talent Slut [n.]: Someone who becomes unduly attracted to others based purely on a talent they possess. Usually, the talent slut will have no attraction to said person UNTIL the talent is discovered. Talent Sluttiness affects both men and women. [Check out our handy Talent Slut matrix here.]

Have you seen any Ignaties out there in the wild — or do you know of other examples of famous Ignaties? Tell us about them in the comments.