The Most Exclusive Millionaire Matchmaking Club In The World

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Gray and Farrar International is a London-based service which matches up millionaires and billionaires who are willing to pay a steep price for love–upwards of 10,000 pounds for a membership!

Most of the club-members are middle aged, with outliers including a 22 year-old and a 70 year old. Owner Virginia Sweetingham says that most of her clients are too career-focused to find love on their own, which is why they’re willing to pay so much money for someone to find it for them.
“These are people whose lives consist of departure lounges, private planes and hotel rooms.” Sweetingham told Business Insider.

Think you belong in this club of elite lonely hearts? Most of the clients come from referrals and personal invitations, though you can try to contact Gray & Farrar directly.

Everything begins with an initial interview, during which Sweetingham or one of her eight executives will ask you about previous relationships, and “demographics.” This can, of course, be arranged over video conferencing (this is Millionaire-speak for “Skype”).

Once clients are accepted, they get a file–not a computer file, but an actual physical file whose color depends on the gender of the subject. (Blue for boys and pink for girls, natch.)

When a pair is matched up, it is always the gentleman who calls to set up the initial date. (No texting “Hey, u free?” for millionaires!) After each date there is a debriefing session.

It all sounds a little stiff and awkward, but Sweetingham’s success rates are incredible: 2 out of 3 clients are successfully matched within one year.

Of course, the reason the success rates are so high seems jarringly antiquated: these billionaires and millionaires all want to produce an heir. “They want to find a partner with whom they can create a legacy… Everyone wants a real legacy,” Sweetwater says.

Oh man, money! Who needs it?

[Virginia Sweetingham Is The Matchmaker To Billionaires Around The World]