Do You Need To Break Up With Your Ex?

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You’re not dating anymore, but you still talk. Or maybe you don’t talk, but you still look at his or her pics online. Or see when they log onto Gchat. Or when they “like” something on Facebook. And you know it’s bad and you know you’re still a little unhealthily obsessed and you know the pictures of their recent romantic getaway to Aruba are not. good. for. your. blood. pressure. but you still look at them anyway.

You know what I’m going to say, don’t you?

It’s time to break up with your ex.

YourTango is making this February 13th the first annual “Break Up With Your Ex Day“.

Make this the year, make this the month, that you finally let yourself move on by erasing his existence from your everyday online life. That means unfollowing on Twitter, unfriending, de-tagging pictures, blocking from gchat, and finally ceasing all forms of communication, no matter how much it hurts to finally let go. Seriously, seeing someone’s pictures show up on your newsfeed does not make you miss them less.

Cheaper than therapy, alochol, prozac, or whatever other coping mechanisms you still have in place. Block and move on.

Look, I’ll do it if you guys do, okay?

(No, I can’t do this.)

(Yes I can! This is going to be great!)

(Whoo, boy…)

[Announcing The First Annual Break Up With Your Ex Day]