5 Things Boyfriends Actually WANT To Steal

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So, you all saw the hideous “ex-girlfriend jeans” which made the internet rounds yesterday. I’d probably break up with a guy just for asking to try on my jeans: I don’t need that kind of a blow to my self-esteem if they look better on him!

Mercifully, most guys won’t try to get into our pants, in the literal sense. So what do they want to steal once the relationship is over?

1. Face Scrub

“Nice facescrub, ha ha,” as one gentleman eloquently put it to me. “Nice,” of course, can be anything from La Mer to drugstore favorites like St.Ives Apricot Scrub. They probably won’t know the difference, only that it smells good and isn’t made by Axe.

2. When Harry Met Sally

Or any other movie that they secretly love and would never actually spend $12.99 on. (When Harry Met Sally is our own Brady Tripp‘s guilty pleasure.)

3.Lip Balm

Guys buy Chapstick. Guys secretly LOVE Rosebud Lip Salve. But they will not buy it; they will only steal yours.

4. Netflix Streaming Password And Username

This one kind of works with both genders, but a Netflix username and password is an extremely valuable commodity, and one that most boyfriends will continue to take advantage of long after the end of a relationship.

5. Moisturizer

Me: “I already have face scrub on here…”

Bonus: The Dog

“Her little puppy which I KNOW loves me more than her!” said one of my guy friends, with venom. We’ll leave this one alone…