Shocking Man Revelation Of The Day: They Notice Your Nails

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Once I was out with a guy friend, drinking, laughing, and being goofy, when out of NOwhere he takes a look at my hands and says “You need a MANicure!” I was shocked and offended. Since when do guys notice nails?

I’d always thought that chipped nails were one of those things that girls are self-conscious about, but no self-respecting guy would never notice, pay attention to, or care about. I was mistaken.

Another time, I was getting ready to go out on a date, so I asked HowAboutWe co-founder Brian if I looked ok. “Yeah.” He said, glancing at me. Then, after a moment: “Wait, let me see your nails.”

My third (and final) nail story is just an office interaction from this morning. My co-Date Report writer Scott turned to editor Michelle and said “Your nails look really nice.” They did (do!), but, still: nails. Who knew?