9 Things They Never Tell You About Dating a Dancer

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1. You will feel unhealthy at all times.

2. At places you least expect (say, a subway platform) they’ll begin practicing a sequence while whispering to him/herself.

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3. You will hear joints popping at all times and places.

4. Your physical stamina will never ever outlast theirs.

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5. You’ll need great distraction skills when they’re waiting to hear back about an audition — or else you’ll both go crazy.

6. Flexible in bed does not always = amazing in bed.

7. They don’t eat like a bird at all — they ravenously feast like a bodybuilder.

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8. They watch more tape than football coaches, and will do so at all hours of the night – especially before a big audition.

9. They don’t want to talk about Black Swan.