My First Week On HowaboutWe: Ryan

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What’s the user experience REALLY like for someone who signs up for HowAboutWe? We decided to ask some recently-joined users for their first impressions. Today: Ryan, 24, gay.

Name: Ryan
Age: 24
Orientation: Gay
Location: New York, NY

What Made You Decide To Sign Up?

I told a friend recently that I am looking to date more, and hopefully find a boyfriend. He suggested I try online dating, which I have before, but I feel the idea of “personality match-ups” and all that stuff to be total nonsense. You could talk to some one online for hours and have expectations of them which they may not live up to on the first date. I don’t want to fall into that trap, or put the other person in the place of feeling I lead them on. It’s really about chemistry (can you talk to them in person?!), which you can learn by meeting some one initially moreso than chatting to a phantom person online. Anyway, my other friend suggested I check out howaboutwe.com because it really seemed low pressure and friendly. You can make a friend or you can find something more.

How Long Did You Spend On Your Profile?

I sort of haphazardly made my profile. I found a nice, honest picture of me and wrote out the basics. Once I thought of a couple of date ideas and knew people would respond eventually I spent a bit of time answering the prompted questions.

What date did you propose?

I proposed two dates: one, “How about we… go see one of the Catherine Deneuve films currently playing at BAM?” and two, “How about we… go to Korea Town and have some Korean BBQ?”

Describe your first few days on the site.

I said I was “intrigued” with a few date choices and that prompted them to message me. I’ve been having a few nice conversations, and one great one– which is leading to a first date.

Do you have a first date set up?

March 25th; A Catherine Deneuve movie at BAM.

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