The 8 Most Iconic Images Of Love

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We stumbled on a pretty great Quora question today: What are some iconic images of love? It’s a really fun question to think about! In a culture as visual as ours, what are some universally recognized images, either paintings or photographs or even movie stills, that people associate with love?

We spent all afternoon pondering iconic images of romantic love, and we came up with 8. Do you agree with our selections?

1. Victory Kiss

Love of country, absolute joy, and unbridled youthful exuberance all came together for this iconic Alfred Eisenstaedt photograph. The story behind the picture isn’t really about love — the sailor and the nurse were strangers, and the sailor was kissing every girl in sight. But the fact that victory and celebration manifested themselves in unrestricted displays of love and affection really shows something wonderful about human nature.

2. Klimt’s The Kiss

A pre-requisite for Freshman dorm decor, Gustav Klimt’s painting of a couple locked in an embrace has had people swooning for over a century. You can’t even look at it without feeling a little light-headed.

3. Robert Indiana’s LOVE

Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” image was first painted in 1964 (fittingly), and has since been reproduced on stamps, tshirts, sculptures, postcards and knicknacks.

4. Doisneau’s Kiss

Le Baiser de l’hôtel de ville was shot by Robert Doisneu in 1950, and appeared in Life Magazine. Today, the image of the couple stealing a kiss in the middle of busy Paris remains one of the most iconic images of Parisian love.

5. Lady and The Tramp

Ah, the first date! The accidental kiss!The first blush of love! Sure, they’re A) cartoons, and B) dogs, but that doesn’t make the image of Lady and her tramp eating spaghetti any less iconic, or romantic.

6. The Kiss, by Hayez

Are you starting to notice a pattern in the titles of these works? These lovers look like they snuck away for this secret kiss.

7. Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler

Who knew that the first couple to ever grace the silver screen in technicolor would also be the steamiest? This movie still remains one of the most celebrated in cinema history.

8. Cupid Reviving Psyche

Antonio Canova’s Neoclassical statue can be seen in the Louvre, and (in plaster) at the Met in New York. A kiss so tender it brings her back from the dead.

So, now we need your help! Which two images belong on our list to make a complete set of 10? Leave your suggestion in the comments!