A Dating Site For Any Diet

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There’s a brand new dating site for all you gluten-free singles out there, naturally called GlutenFreeSingles. It’s a place where people with Celiac Disease, who are gluten-intolerant, or just go gluten-free for health reasons can find others just like them, and never have their meals tainted again by gluten eaters. As someone whose allergic to everything, this might not be such a bad idea. I decided to see what other dietary dating sites exist in the world.

1. Singles With Food Allergies. From peanuts to seafood, find the significant other of your dreams with the same food restrictions.

2. Diabetic Date. Not only does Diabetic Date provide a place for Diabetics singles to mingle and find their match, it also provides helpful first date tips for both men and women! “Don’t open up too much at first date. An Enigmatic woman drives men wild.”

3. Veggie Date. Not to be confused with “VeggieTales,” Veggie Date is a dating site for vegetarians, vegans, and raw foodists.

4. Vegan Dating Service. Taking Veggie Date one step further, this site is for vegans only. It can be hard to maintain a vegan lifestyle, so it would definitely help to find someone who wants to eat that way.

5. Same Plate. The dating site for foodies that also attempts to take the pressure out of dating. “If Romance Blooms, GREAT, but in the Meantime: Share a Meal, No Big Deal!”

6. Prescription 4 Love. Whatever your health issue, find someone with the same medical background at Presciption 4 Love.