15 Post Coital .GIFS For Any Situation

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Lacking words to say thank you for the awesome whoopie that rocked your world last night? Can’t find words to express your utter disappointment in the lackluster fireworks that didn’t quite ignite last night? As is slowly becoming my motto, “There is a gif for that.” Next time you want to say “Thanks for the sex! Now, go away!” try using one of these 500 pixel wonders.

“Thanks for helping me get my groove back after a particularly nasty drought.”

“I had a great time and really hope to do it again.”

“Thank you for continuing the loving after my wig came off mid-coitus.”

“Four times in one night?!”

“Please.  No fingers in my butt.”

“Ummmm…. Thanks for the rim job?”

“So you’ve never heard of (insert position here)?!”

“You really should trim your pubic thicket. I think I saw a rabbit.”

“My mom always said ‘If you can’t say something nice…”

“So I went down on you and you won’t go down on me?!”

“How come there is never anything to eat in your house after we have sex?”

“I think maybe this bed is too small for the both of us.”

 “Sorry but I think I am too hungover for sex.”

“Enough talk, let’s get to it already!

 “It’s okay that we can’t get together for another week.  I’ll be fine.  Trust me.”

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