Can You Spare a Square? Dating a Non-Seinfeldian

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Life is nothing if not comedy. Sure other things happen, like war, famine, economic collapses, but who wants to talk about those on dates? So, what happens, when our funny bones don’t line up?

Maybe you’re out on your first date and a pedestrian trips on a curb, you laugh, your date doesn’t: not exactly a deal breaker. But then you keep talking, maybe you see a movie, and you realize that beyond political beliefs and what you do for a living, comedy may be the ultimate relationship hard line.

Because generalizations help no one, let’s talk specifically about one show that I personally find immensely enjoyable, relatable, and frankly hysterical: Seinfeld. Yes, Seinfeld is a show about nothing, takes place in NY, and tends to slant towards dry Jewish humor. That doesn’t mean you have to be a Jewish person living in NY who is only interested in the absurd to find it funny. I’ve always found the way the show taps into life’s bizarre truths to be what I love so much about it. I even have a best friend who I may or may not be friends with because she fits Elaine’s personality profile to a T.

If they don’t see the humor in Seinfeld, then I wonder if they think I’m even remotely entertaining.

It isn’t so much that I find myself asking dates, friends, and boyfriends if they like Seinfeld, so much as I find myself quoting it at random moments. It’s genius because of those truths, so naturally, there are a million ways that referencing it in daily life make sense. How else to describe the strange anxiety that befalls commuters when the train’s power fails and we find ourselves stuck nose to nose for an endless length of time? When people gush about newborn babies, I know I’m not the only one wondering if it is in fact an ugly baby.

So meeting someone who “just doesn’t think it’s that funny,” always gives me a natural pause. In that pause I think: that’s weird, I wonder what else they don’t find funny, and then finally, if they don’t see the humor in Seinfeld, then I wonder if they think I’m even remotely entertaining.

When you’re forced to take a babka issue head on with a non-Seinfeldian, you’re almost at the end of the rope. If you still want to give your laughter-free love interest another chance, force feed them great comedy to see what sticks. Start with Mel Brooks, then move to Monty Python, and then, throw the very best of SNL at them. If, at this point, you have no comedy connection with your date, you have to think that when it comes to comedy, opposites simply repel.