Couple Crush: 4 Reasons We Love Ozzy and Sharon

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It’s easy to love the obviously-cute couples like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Or Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. But not all couples come wrapped up in a cute pretty bow.

When I lived in L.A. and was still waiting tables, I was asked to work a benefit party at Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s home. One of the things that struck me the most (other than the fact that everything in Ozzy’s closet was black) was how polite and sweet they were not only to the entire staff but to each other. After decades together, Ozzy still looked at Sharon with googly eyes. I was already a huge fan, but seeing them together only reinforced my belief that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne might be one of the cutest couples that ever lived. Here’s why.

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They are both equally crazy — and that’s part of the beauty of their coupledom.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have one of the longest-lasting celebrity marriages. They met when Sharon was only 18 and Ozzy was 21. A few years later they became man and wife and have been together ever since. It takes one hell of a woman to put up with the Prince of Darkness. They’ve been through their share of rocky times — from drug use to deaths — but they’ve managed to make it work even after a quarter of a century together. In his book I am Ozzy, Ozzy writes of Sharon’s cancer, “Sharon saved my life, Sharon is my life, and I love her. And I was terrified that I was going to lose her. But as much as I wanted everything to be normal and right, I was terribly sick, physically and mentally.” Thankfully the feisty Sharon survived. So how did these two crazy kids make it work?

1. They support each other

Though one might say they’re co-dependent, the Osbournes really do work in tandem to support each other. Sharon has been Ozzy’s backbone, managing his career, creating a hit TV show based on their family, and resurrecting his career with Ozzfest. In turn when Sharon was going through her cancer treatment, Ozzy would shower her and pick the falling hair out of her food. That my friends, is love.

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2. They are authentic

They let it all hang out, warts and all. They curse, they scream, and they are crass, but beneath it all they love each other. Love means being able to be your real self sans pretense and having your partner accept and cherish you anyway. Sharon accepts Ozzy’s incoherence after a lifetime of alcohol abuse and Ozzy accepted Sharon throughout her weight gains and public spats. They do not put on a front for each other or anyone else. They are both equally crazy and that’s part of the beauty of their coupledom.

3. They hold their own

Ozzy may be a rock god, but Sharon is successful in her own right. Not only has she taken charge of his career, she’s managed the careers of Lita Ford and Iron Maiden as well. She’s also appeared on numerous TV shows like “The Celebrity Apprentice” and “X-Factor” because of her own chutzpah. She may have become famous because of Ozzy, but both Ozzy and the rest of the family remain famous because of her.

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4. They don’t hold grudges

They’ve physically abused each other, drank themselves into oblivion, and both cheated on each other. Of course, this is NOT the ideal way to conduct yourself in a relationship or life. However semantics aside, the two of them chose to move forward with their marriage without holding onto the bitterness and pain of the past. Had they tried to hold onto the pain of past mistakes while trying to have a happy marriage, chances are they would have failed.

So the Osbournes may not be an example of healthy, balanced living but they are—in spite of their kookiness–an example of love.