18 Awesome Couples Halloween Costumes

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You probably know by now — after having been through a few dozen (give or take) Halloweens — how frustrating it is to be searching for a last minute costume, thinking “If only I had thought about this earlier!” And then you end up going as an astronaut — again — which is basically just your day clothes wrapped in aluminum foil. Things get especially tricky when you want to plan your costume with your partner — that can take some serious coordination! So let’s get brainstorming now with these awesome couples costumes.

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Two years ago a big group of my friends decided to go as just “Thanksgiving” — whatever that means. There were lots of pilgrims and indians and turkeys and side dishes — it was fun! My boyfriend and I went as an indian/pregnant pilgrim, which was pretty easy to pull off and got some laughs. (Tip: any costume with a pregnant belly is 8x funnier than without.) The odd side effect is that I kept wanting to sit down and have people bring me my beers and I was cradling my belly — it made me feel actually pregnant. I was very motherly that night, wiping crumbs off people’s faces and asking them if they should be wearing a sweater to fight the chill.

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My friend Yehua and Luke went as Popeye and Olive Oyle. Not pictured: the absolutely obligatory can of spinach and the “I ams what I ams, and that’s all that I ams”s.

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Last year my boyfriend and I went as Luchadors (Mexican wrestlers.) It was awesome because I didn’t have to wear any makeup or do anything crazy to my hair, and I felt like a pretty big badass all night. We were both ready to kick some ass.

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Love this tribute to the famous 1930’s American Gothic painting. This couple looks adorable, although the couple in the actual painting were definitely not as friendly looking.


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Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World, Party Time, Excellent! This is a great last-minute costume. Who doesn’t have some crappy t-shirts and flannel lying around? It also allows you to be a total dumbass all night, and people will just think you’re “in costume.”

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Here are my friends Jess and Sara (Bob Ross and his “happy little painting”). Lovers can truly be muses for masterpieces. Plus, since Bob Ross is dead so this costume is technically spoooOooooky.


Super adorable, and perfect for video game nerds, these costumes can be made pretty easily with boxes and paint and instructions on JulieannArt.


Halloween costumes are getting sexier and sexier and this one is no exception. I have not tested this so I cannot be sure, but I’m going to assume that you can easily rest your beer on top of your boob. Just don’t be offended if someone screams at you to “show them your t*ts.”

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Here are Jess and Sara again — aren’t they just the Halloween Couples Costume champs? This time, Stef as Mister Rogers and Jill as his sweater closet. Difficult for dancing, sure, but that is NOT what Halloween is all about.


I’m not sure how you’d talk wearing this costume, so it’s good for any couple who is a little anti-social.


An excellent excuse to “hold” everyone’s extra candy. Things will get non-funny fast, though, if you take to actually striking the pinata. Tip for the bat-holder: please exhibit terrible aim.


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Fans of Oscar Wilde will go absolutely nuts over this clever Dorian Gray costume of Dorian Gray and The Picture Of Dorian Gray. And everyone else will… not get it at all. But screw them! Who invited them, anyway!?


If you and your S.O. are existing in thought more than reality, this abstract costume will speak volumes. It’s the best way to say, “Our relationship is more theoretical.”

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Is that Simon and Garfunkle or Sara and Jess again? YOU know the answer. But admit it — you had to look twice.


Bring extra lip gloss.


America’s favorite Nintendo Power couple.


This costume is actually so sweet it COULD cause cavities. See detailed instructions at JulieannArt.


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I’m using this picture of Katy Perry and Russell Brand, even though they aren’t together anymore, to illustrate the fact that you can go as any celebrity couple. Just look insane and maybe borderline slutty and wear a wig. People will assume you’re somebody famous.