Everyone Is Breaking Up With Their Exes Today — And You Should Too

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It’s a beautiful day, right? A great day for taking a freezing stroll outside or getting tricked into thinking it’s midnight at 4:30 PM because it’s been getting dark so early. It’s also a great day for breaking up with your ex.

Our friends at YourTango have named today, February 13th, Break Up With Your Ex Day, and are encouraging people to stop thinking about their exes, de-friend and unfollow their exes, delete their exes’ numbers, and have their ex’s name lasered off  their inner thighs. (I took the liberty of adding that last one.)  In case Snookie is reading this and still doesn’t get it: Whatever you’re doing now in your life that lets your ex take up any of your valuable mind space, stop doing it. We can do it together!

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Still, if that sounds hard, have no fear. Your Tango is offering lots of support, with ways to break up with your ex, emergency techniques to use when you want to call your ex, and how to cleanse an ex from you life.

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If you need a little encouragement, watch this video of “Goodbye” by Kristen DeBarge, which inspires me to break up with my ex and I haven’t thought about him or spoken to him in 5 years and I actually forget his last name, and it also inspires me to start using that thigh machine at the gym because look at Kristen DeBarge’s legs! I want to wear those booty shorts more than I want to die happy!