Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Guys, But Were Afraid to Ask

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Men are enigmatic creatures. What’s with those erections in morning? What does he like best in bed? And does he really think about sex all the time? Here are the answers to the questions you’ve been too polite to ask him straight from the source…

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What’s His Favorite Position? Why?

Doggy style is man’s best friend. Studies and polls verify what animals have known for millions of years: Men absolutely love getting it on from behind, and the ladies love it, too. “It’s a winner for everybody,” says Susan Crain Bakos, sexologist and author of The Sex Bible. The position gives guys great control and deep penetration — all the better to reach your all-important G-spot.

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How Confident Are Guys About Their Penis Size?

When it comes to how big we are, your guess is better than ours. “A great majority of men think they’re smaller than they really are,” says renowned psychologist and sexologist, Dr. Edward Fernandes. Men are naturally insecure about it. But if you’re in the bedroom and feel compelled to comment, the only acceptable adjectives are “big” and “biggest.”

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Why Do Men Masturbate So Much?

All men masturbate — the ones who say they don’t are lying. As much as roll your eyes at us, there are no health hazards for masturbating too much. However, too much self-love might make it harder for a guy to reach orgasm with a sexual partner if he becomes too accustomed to doing it all by himself.

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