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When engaging in a swipe-athon on Tinder, you picture your matches sitting on a sunny beach or cozied on the couch, right? Wrong.

A horrific survey conducted by MiMedia has revealed that there is a significant chance they are swiping on the toilet. Yes – you read correctly. The toilet. In fact, people are doing lots of strange things while on the loo.

MiMedia asked 1000 people about their digital habits on the toilet, and 69 percent revealed they used their smartphones on there. More than half said they visited their social media, while a quarter said they watched videos and movies. It seems men were more likely to text on the toilet than women. Omg, can we all just take a second to imagine a sext coming through while he is sitting on the TOILET. No thank you, please.

83 percent of the people surveyed who used dating apps on the toilet were men. (Males are much more likely to swipe right while on the potty.)

I have no words. Thank god there has been a selfie feature launched on Badoo, in which users can catch said toilet rancidness in all its glory, and swipe left, left, LEFT.