Here’s What It’s Like to Take a $155 Kissing Lesson

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kissingGot an extra $155 burning a whole in your pocket? You and a significant other (or you and an especially understanding pillow?) can sign up for kissing lessons from William Cane, expert on kissing, and author of The Art of Kissing. Cane is sixty years-old, an image consultant, and, if his blog is any indication, quite a character.

“I was just in Manhattan yesterday giving a kissing lesson to a couple. The man was an accountant and his fiancee, a twenty-three-year-old real estate broker, bought him a kissing lesson as a gift. It wasn’t a surprise because she told him in advance what she was going to give him. That’s best since it might be a shock to come home and find me in your living room ready to give you and your wife a lesson in how to do thirty different romantic kisses.”

Probably, William!

When I give a kissing lesson, the couple is invited to learn all the different kisses in my book. This includes lip-o-suction, the Eskimo kiss, the sliding kiss, the vacuum kiss, the spanking kiss, the ear and neck kisses, the eye kiss, the teasing kiss, the French kiss, and many others.

Writer Jessica Wakeman took one of Cane’s kissing classes and wrote about the experience for The Cut. In her lesson, Wakeman learned advanced kissing techniques such as the Trobriand Islands Kiss and the Machine Gun Kiss. She doesn’t mention the spanking kiss (what does that entail, I wonder?), but maybe that’s covered in lesson two.

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