Hollywood’s Newest Couple We Love: Jason Segel and Michelle Williams

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Step aside, every other couple in Hollywood: Michelle Williams and Jason Segel, aka two of the most awesome people to ever be dubbed by the double-edged sword that is celebrity, are dating. We’re obviously rooting for this one to work out, and why shouldn’t it? She’s one of contemporary cinema’s most selective and dynamic actresses, countenancing each of her (typically morbid) roles with serious integrity and panache. He’s the quintessential nice guy: funny, endearing, overtly frank in that calculated way that’s meant to cast him as the perfect foil to your archetypal bad-boy/@$$hole. Sounds to me like they share that enviable romantic alchemy that consists of a) having enough common interests to not bore the s*** out of each other, yet b) not so much cognitive overlap that they’ll be stuck in a perpetual game of oneupsmanship.

US Weekly recently spotted them strolling arm-in-arm after dinner. The following day — and in what I would consider stereotypically Segel-ese fashion — he was seen accompanying Williams’s six year-old daughter, Matilda, as she made some turns on her scooter.

What’s more? Segel (@jasonsegel) recently tweeted these gems:

“Honestly a totally hypothetical question but I’m curious. If I fell in love would you guys be happy?”

“We don’t even know each other and you guys want me to be happy. I’m not being sarcastic at all when I say that actually means a lot.”

That is the exact type of calculated frankness (assuming Williams saw the tweets) that I am talking about. You dirty dog, you, Jason. From an aspiring practitioner of this type of game: Respeck.