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How Many Cheeseburgers Are You Worth, Sexually? (A Lot More Than Two, We Promise)

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In Manatee, Florida, Christine Faith Baker sits. Outside McDonald’s — and she waits. She waits for a gentleman, perhaps, whom she suspects might be in for some lovin’. Lovin’ as in, the illegal kind. The prostitution kind, in case you still aren’t following me. What does Christine Faith Baker want in return? She just wants some burgers, and was recently arrested for offering sexual favors for McDonald’s cuisine.

Perhaps inspired by the bargain that is the dollar-menu, she requested only two dollar-menu cheeseburgers for sex, which rang up to a solid $2.75. (Not to be taken for a complete fool, though, Baker requested a $40 tip.) A detective hot on her trail bought burgers, catching Baker in the act, and brought her to other agents, who arrested her on charges of prostitution. I didn’t think you could do anything for $2.75 anymore, but apparently, there are a lot of things, and only one of them has to do with cheeseburgers.

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