How to Pull Off The Ultimate Reddit Proposal

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The power of  Reddit has been known for a long time, with proposals and ring pictures posted almost daily. But the reason this one stands out in particular isn’t because of  the fanfare received from the post, but more for the recognition of a community of users coming together and celebrating something that is so important to two people. This proposal encompasses the magnitude of  influence that Reddit has on people and what a truly dedicated web community can do for two complete strangers’ lives.

Here’s how user SirTechnology created the ultimate Reddit proposal, harnessing the power of every corner of the internet (except maybe /r/spacedicks).

Step 1: Create memes to propose to his girlfriend




Step 2: Post in /r/AdviceAnimals and use the power of Reddit to get on the front page.

Step 3: Post an album of 21 commissioned pieces of artwork from 18 Reddit artist.

Step 4: Wait for her to click the link because you know she’ll log on to Reddit and see it.


Step 5: Have her click the link and pray she says yes (Spoiler: she did!)

Here are some of the amazing artists that SirTechnology chose:

Amy Liu


:iconcrausse; modified sprites from Jump Ultimate

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