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If you live in New York and you happen to stumble across someone dressed up as big vagina don’t freak out, it’s all for a good cause.

The ever-entertaining Conceived In Brooklyn has partnered with 50 Cents. Period to sell large vagina costumes and promote public awareness for women who don’t have access to sexual health education and mental health care in marginalized and vulnerable communities.

“Women and girls in impoverished communities stay home from school and work when they get their period because of lack of access to feminine hygiene products, stigma, or both,” the Conceived In Brooklyn team told Refinery29. “That’s crazy! We felt compelled to do something.”

$10 from each vagina costume sold will go towards the 50 Cents. Period mission: to empower women and girls by creating programs and pathways that ensure access to resources and services targeting their mental and reproductive health needs.

So, if you do by chance run into a big floating vagina – give it a big pat on the back and wish that charitable hoo-ha the best.

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Purchase one of these bad boys hereIf you want to donate to the cause (sans the vagina costume) contribute directly here.