The “Bagel Head” Beauty Trend Reminds Me That We Are All Beautiful

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Hollywood might own Botox, but right now, Japan is the leader in the “bagel head” beauty procedure. “National Geographic Tabboo” is exploring this weird (hard to watch if you’re squemish) treatment in an upcoming episode filmed in Tokyo. In the video, you see technicians stick a needle in the volunteer’s forehead and injects the saline, which creates a huge bulge. (The guy in this video reports that feels like “something’s dripping down [his] head” and a “slight stinging sensation.”) The technician then presses his thumb into the blob to make the bagel shape, which lasts about sixteen hours as the saline absorbs into the skin. That SO makes me not hungry for bagels, ever. But the volunteer describes it as “cute” — and apparently it is wildly popular.

Keroppy, a Japanese artist who pioneered the “bagel head” movement, toldVice that it’s about innovation. “People who like extreme body modification want to find their own way of doing things, and they’re always looking for new ways to do that. The more progressive the scene gets, the more these people have to experiment and go their own way.”

I have a hard time even watching this video, and I am almost positive that I wouldn’t do it myself. But what if everyone around me was dong it? What if I was told it was the definition of beauty? What if Angelina Jolie did it? What if my mother and grandmother did it? What if it was all I knew? Then I would probably get it too.

If there is proof that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this is it. Whatever you have going on, it’s beautiful. WHAT.EVER. It could be a HUGE BAGEL on your face. Someone will be able to find that beautiful, because it is.