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Krispy Kreme Teaches Japanese Men To Make Romantic Donut Gifts

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In Japan, Valentine’s Day is about women giving men chocolates. Exactly a month later, though, it’ll be the guys’ turn to hand over the love-sweets: March 14th is White Day, when Japanese dudes are supposed to return the favor — give your lady a present, or “send a clear message that the feeling isn’t mutual,” explains RocketNews24, ominously.

Luckily, Krispy Kreme Japan is on the case, offering baffled gentlemen instruction in the ancient art of making romantic gifts out of Krispy Kreme donuts. The “White Day Donuts Remake Lesson” will teach a select group of soon-to-be-very-popular men how to make both “Parfait Tailored Donuts Necklaces” and “Ring Ring Donuts.”

While the application period is now closed and also, the workshop is in Tokyo, it is still absolutely possible to learn the secrets of donut fake jewelry making. Krispy Kreme has (surprisingly elaborate) instructions online. You don’t even have to celebrate White Day. You can just celebrate “make crafts with donuts day.”  Or, you know, “Friday.”