Let’s Give Our Dads the Credit They Deserve, All Year Long

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Do you ever feel like sometimes Father’s Day is a little overshadowed by Mother’s Day? Moms tend to steal the thunder with brunch and presents, and dads get saddled with an obligatory card and a phone call. I don’t know why that is. Moms are the best, but it’s important to remember that dads are the best, too. Our fathers have a massive impact on our lives, and just because they don’t seem like they care about being celebrated as much, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be.

Take my father, for example. My dad is amazing. He’s always been a great dad, coaching us in soccer and basketball, helping us with our homework, cooking us elaborate weekend meals, never abandoning us anywhere – you know, normal dad stuff. But this year in particular, my dad deserves a Father of the Year award.

This has been a hard year for my family. In March my mother went into the hospital for 6 weeks, which is a period of my life I will never forget. My dad was there every single day. On weekdays he worked from her hospital room just so he could make sure she had everything she needed. He shooed people away when she was too tired for company, he kept me and my siblings updated daily (we couldn’t all work from the hospital, unfortunately), and he of course went on ice cream runs when she was sick of hospital food.

During this time I also got let go from my job, which actually turned out to be a great thing. My dad was a huge part of that, keeping me focused and on track in my job search. He came up with this brilliant idea where every Sunday I would send him a summary of everything I’d accomplished that week, and a list of goals for the following week. He would help me prioritize the goals or make suggestions. My dad gives great career advice, and has taught me everything I know about finding a job. With his help, love, and support, I landed this sweet editorial internship at HowAboutWe.

Now that my mom is home and doing great, my dad’s catching up on all the housework he missed while she was in the hospital. He’s fixed something around the house every weekend; built her a bike so she has something to do, built himself a bike so he can do it with her, became an amateur landscaper, and more.

When push comes to shove a father can be the most important person in a woman’s life. I know mine has been this year. Let’s give dads the credit they deserve, this month and all year long.

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