Make Your Own “Missed Connections” Art

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I Wish I Said Hello is an awesome new street art project that takes specific Missed Connections from Craigslist and places illustrations and text at the site of the missed connections.

For example, here’s a sticker that was placed at Swift, an East Village Bar in Manhattan:

The coolest part of the project, though, is that the creators of the project want you to participate.

Simply find a Missed Connection, either on Craigslist or your local newspaper. Look for one that is poetic, descriptive, and, most importantly, has a specific location. (East Broadway F Stop; Whole Foods, etc.)

Then, pick the most meaningful sentence from the ad, and download the template form I Wish I’d Said Hello:

Print your sticker on sticker or label paper, decorate it by filling in any details from the ad, like clothing, etc.

Then go stick the connection at the site-specific location! And take a picture to send to the I Wish I Said Hello.

The site’s creators say that the point of the project isn’t to help the people in the missed connections find each other, that it’s more about the art, and the impression that reading the sticker will leave on the casual passerby.

But wouldn’t it be cool if someone saw your sticker and recognized themselves in it?

You never know!