Meet the Hotties of the 2012 London Olympics: Track and Field Edition

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The summer Olympics officially kick off this Friday in London. Whether you’re a diehard fan with the event schedule mapped out or a newbie who can’t tell parasailing from water polo, HowAboutWe is here to help by focusing on the important part: hotties. Every day this week we’ll be spotlighting some of the best looking guys in different events, from tennis to track. Today’s spotlight: the hotties of track and field.


Usain Bolt

This Jamaican is the reigning fastest man on earth. He’s also possibly the hottest.

Fabio Cerutti

Relay runner by day, Italian beat cop by night. Is there nothing this man can’t do?

Inaki Gomez

Born in Mexico, raised in Canada, and studying international relations. If only he wore those hot glasses while race walking.

Guojian Dong

Back home in China, Guojian began training for the marathon. That probably means he’s great at going the distance.

Trey Hardee

As an all-American decathlete, Trey knows how to wrestle and throw a javelin. Just try to think of those words not sounding dirty.

Gonzalo Barroilhet

Most people look really dumb when photographed mid-jump. Not this hot Chilean hurdler.

Brendan Cole

He loves to cook and is trained as a massage therapist. Clearly he was made in a lab in Australia, because no man can be that perfect.