Modern Love Recap: Another Depressing Story About Spousal Death

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Modern Love has been depressing lately. In fact, the most heartening part of this week’s essay, by novelist Avery Corman, is the revelation that his sad novel “Kramer vs. Kramer” isn’t at all based on real life, that in fact he and his own wife never acrimoniously divorced, but rather lived happily ever after for over 35 years.

You know. Until she DIED.

And yes, everyone dies, and yes, Corman was lucky to have so many happy years with his beloved wife. But it’s still really depressing to think that even the happiest relationships end in heartbreak, unless you both happen to die together, like that old couple on the Titanic.

Anyway. The essay is about how Corman learns to deal with his grief, and move out of the homes that his wife had so lovingly decorated. So, happyish ending? But still. Let’s get another happy essay about finding love against the odds next week, eh, Modern Love?

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