Lies, Lies, and More Lies: Who’s Fibbing the Most on Their Profiles?

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Yes, yes, people have a nasty tendency to lie on their dating profiles. And in job interviews. And at dinner parties where every other guest is a carbon copy of Andy Roddick with a JD/MBA from Harvard. When we feel insecure about the reality that is us, we make things up to fill the gap between where and who we’d like to be, and where and who we really are.

This truth is beautifully (and measurably) manifested in online dating, where we have a specific set of data that shows exactly how and when people lie, and how big the lies are. Plenty of studies have been done to measure this phenomenon, including the most recent one, a survey of 1,000 people released this month by PR firm Euro RSCG Worldwide. In an interesting twist, it measured not only the cities housing the biggest liars, but also the specific subjects of their lies, broken down by gender. Here are the results.

The least honest cities, the % of liars in each, & their most common lies:


1. Washington D.C. (Career and Education) 37%
2. San Francisco (Career and Money Earned) 35%
3. New York (Everything) 34%
4. Philadelphia (Height and Money Earned) 33%
5. Miami (Relationship Status and Height) 31%


1. Las Vegas (Age and Career) 39%
2. Washington D.C. (Career and Education) 37%
3. Atlanta (Age and Weight) 36%
4. Los Angeles (Age and Weight) 35%
5. New York (Age and Career) 33%