Quick Poll: Do You Carry Birth Control In Your Purse?

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Last Friday I spilled the contents of my purse for TheHairpin.com, bravely baring assorted things, which included books, notebooks, pens, a flat Cherry Coke, make-up, and, to the dismay of some: no birth control.

“How come no one ever has birth control in their bags? Not calling out this woman in particular, but I skim this column each time one’s posted and I never see any BC. I’m left to think A) no one’s carrying any, or B) the Hairpin is omitting it. Both strike me as strange.

Oh, or C, the interviewees are self-editing. I guess that’s most likely,” one commenter wrote.

“I always wonder where the condoms are! (and then think yes, self-editing),” chimed in another.

These comments surprised me.

Yes, I believe in safe sex.

Yes, I think condoms are the responsibility of both the man and the woman.

But…..I just don’t carry condoms around in my purse! My purse is a safe, sexless lair of bobby pins and loose change and receipts and chapstick. It’s the place for crumpled up flyers and deodorant and the random chocolate bar I’ll forget about and then decide is still edible 3 months later.

Now, the content of my day purse is probably different from the contents of my night purse: night purse is sexier, and night purse’s chances of getting laid are substantially higher. Night purse packs accordingly.

And on the off-chance that day purse is caught unawares….well, there are delis and Rite-Aids everywhere! Day purse always carries an extra $20 for unexpected purposes.

As for other forms of birth control…I still don’t really see why those would need to be carried around in a purse?

For instance, as one commenter pointed out:

“Not everybody’s has to be carried around, either. I’m on the ring, so I always have mine on me, but not so as you can see. Just sayin’.”

But still, people were surprised to see a BC-less purse, which makes me assume that a lot of women are carrying something around with them on a day-to-day basis to ensure that they can have sex safely, and without procreating.

Let’s take a poll, then, shall we?

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