Remember Those Light-Up Sneakers? Now There’s an Engagement-Ring Version

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ringLots of men design wedding rings for their intended. But one dude has taken engagement ring designing a step further, by creating a wedding ring that actually lights up whenever he’s in the vicinity.

The platinum ring has a copper cool inside which, through an electro-magnetic transmitter (somehow?) senses when he’s nearby (so long as he’s wearing a specially designed armband, which could be on his body — “always”, but is more likely, “once in a while, when friends are around, to show off the neat ring trick”).

“According to Kokes on his project page, the original plan was to present the ring to his fiancee and then go to a professional jeweler to get something more permanent, but his fiancee insisted on changing the design of the ring to make it more permanent.”

Our take? Playful, smart, and very, very, sweet.