Romance vs. Reality: How Life Stacks Up Against ‘Fifty Shades’

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Let’s face it: Romance novels tap into the wish-fulfillment part of our brains. The scenarios can be delightfully outlandish, the romantic leads perfect dramatic (and erotic) foils for one another. There are mistaken identities, swordfights for ladies’ honor and often unrealistic sex scenes. More often than not, they remind us how mundane our real relationships can be in comparison. We’ve rounded up all the reasons we wish we were being courted by a fictional character–and one reason we’re glad that’s not the case.

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Romance: He pulls up on a mighty steed or in his sleek car to pick you up for dinner.
Reality: Yeah, so, his car got stolen, but it’s OK–it was a piece of crap anyway. Would you mind just taking the subway? Here’s enough for one ride–oh, the fare’s gone up? Um, you can make up the rest, right?

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Romance: The rebellious prince kidnaps you and holds you for ransom in the desert, where you gradually fall in love.
Reality: You’re sitting on the couch watching basketball again, and the only thing getting stolen is the ball.

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Romance: You switch places with a supermodel and enjoy her fabulous life while worrying that your doppelganger might take advantage of your man.
Reality: When you dye your hair, he squints at you and asks why you look different.

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