10 Unusual Domestic Skills That Are Surprisingly Sexy

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domesticLast week, we wrote about the sexiness of men and pancakes, and how women find the simple act of making breakfast to be attractive. Which is silly, because, everybody makes, or at least eats breakfast, right? Why should we find it sexy when a guy does it? The reversal of traditional gender-roles certainly plays some subliminal part in it. But it’s not just the “novelty” of a man in the kitchen that’s attractive. It’s a man — or woman — doing anything that exhibits responsibility, or makes us feel taken care of, that really gets us revved up.

In an era where, for better or for worse, people live like college students longer, ordinary tasks that previous generations may have taken for granted suddenly seem novel, surprising, and, truth be told, kind of hot. Especially for those of us living in urban environments, a woman who knows her way around the kitchen as well as she knows her way around Seamless.com is a gem; a man who owns an ironing board a keeper. (I don’t own one!) Maybe it’s because, in other ways, many of us feel so far from where our parents were at our age — less settled, less responsible, less grown-up — that if someone we’re dating or seeing does something even remotely self-sufficient we feel a bit more…on the right track. And if they seem capable of taking care, not just of themselves, but of us, we feel slightly, slightly more settled. Safe.

Confidence is always going to be sexy. But in this day and age, so is being an adult.

Below are 10 (crowd-sourced!) domestic turn-ons, for both men and women.

1. Caring About Your Beverages!

“This is really sexy, and wonderful: she keeps a pint glass in the freezer for me, so when I drink my beer, I can pour it into a frosted glass. How ’bout that?” – Patrick

2. Taking Care of a Pet!

“This guy I’m seeing was telling me about when his cat ate a bunch of takeout someone left out, and he freaked out and called a vet when she started throwing up. And I was like, swoon. Like, nothing is hotter than a guy taking care of an adorable little creature.” – Halle

3. Killing Pests (So You Don’t Have To)!

“We had a mouse. I was so upset about it but also so sad about killing it. I wanted to get a humane trap, but my boyfriend was like, ‘No. They come back. You have to kill them.’ So he bought a normal trap. And he lied about it for a while, and then finally I was like ‘But you actually killed it right?’ and he was like ‘Of course I actually killed it.'” – Erica

4. Gardening!

“My boyfriend is constantly bringing home flowers because he loves them and he has a whole garden going on the roof. He spent an entire day off re-potting/trimming plants, going up to Home Depot constantly to get the right kind of soil. He knows way more about that stuff than I do, he can identify most flowers, and he knows how often to water certain plants. It’s crazy.” – Caroline

5. Washing Your Unmentionables!

“It always really touches me when she does some of my laundry. It makes me feel loved. (But I’m not like ‘oh yeeeaahh, you DO that laundry!’)” – Willie

6. Doing The Annoying Household Tasks That You Secretly Hate Doing!

“When I see a really full Brita pitcher in the fridge, I’m always like, damn. Which is so hilariously dumb, but we both normally kind of keep it at, like, 2 inches? Then randomly he’ll fill it up to 4 inches and I’m like WHOA.” – Michelle

7. Building Something!

“She wanted to build a shelf/cabinet for our kitchen and didn’t want to order one, so she went to Home Depot, bought wood, screws, and polish, and built a two level shelf/cabinet thing in our kitchen. I literally did nothing, she has like in-depth shop class knowledge. I knew she was outdoorsy, but I was super impressed with her Tim Allen-like approach to home improvement.” – George

8. Setting The Table Like a Grown-Up!

“One time I was cooking something on the stove at my apartment, and this guy took the initiative and cleared magazines off my table and found my silverware and napkins and just set the table for us. We were talking about random stuff and I was concentrating on not burning the apartment down, so I didn’t even realize what he was doing until I plated the food and started eating it standing up and he was like, ‘Let’s eat at the table.’ I think I was like, ‘WTF, who are you?'” – Hannah

9. Exhibiting Impressive Fiscal Responsibility!

“My husband didn’t come into the marriage with a ton of money. But he has a near-perfect credit score. I swear, the man has never paid a bill late since emerging from the womb. It is incredibly sexy (plus we have an easier time getting approved for a mortgage).” – Kelly

10. Saving You Money!

“When she helps me go grocery shopping, or make the list, you know? I HATE grocery shopping, but love to eat, of course, and if she can help me save $ while doing it: HUGE turn on.” – Bradney