The 16 Most Racist Things In This Comprehensive Guide To Dating Asians

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Rainer Maninging’s blog The Love Life Of An Asian Guy advertises “flirting, dating and other shit you probably won’t read,” but I read it anyway.

He created a handy-dandy Asian dating guide for non-Asians. I understand that stereotypes are a huge factor in dating, and they pop up, even if we try to fight them. But Rainer Maninging is not trying to fight them. He says:

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Mystical Korean Guys:

  • Seem to be a bit aloof.
  • Just sit on their side of the couch, looking at their phones, not really talking to anyone. It’s almost as if they live in this confined bubble of themselves, their close friends, and their girlfriend – not really jumping out or trying to interact with others. They truly stay within the Korean circle and are proud of it.
  • Are perfect for you if you’re looking for an Asian sugar daddy because Korean housewives are very, very rich.

Two-Sided Chinese Guys:

  • Have their shit together.
  • Chinese guys are often picky about your actual attributes, e.g., what school did you go to? What is your degree? Is your family wealthy? Are you well mannered?

Party-Rockin Vietnamese Guys:

  • Are the most likely to be ghetto.
  • Are not as rich as our Korean and Chinese brothers, but they definitely like to spend their money on “duh Elle-Vee” and other designer branded bullshit.
  • Party like crazy, they can get a bit rowdy, and they’re fun to joke around with.
  • buy their girlfriends a lot of crap – be it a hello kitty cellphone case or a Louis Vuitton toilet seat cover.
  • Are D.A.F = Down as F*CK! A Viet guy will bring a machete to your nephew’s 8th grade graduation if he knew his rival gang member were showing up.

Calm And Collected Japanese Guys:

  • Have a lot of money yet they’re nowhere near as prudish as Chinese and Korean guys.
  • Don’t seem as high maintenance as other guys yet they know how to have their fun.
  • Are the way to go if you want a good man.
  • Can sometimes feel like they “wear the pants” of the relationship.

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Laid-Back Filipino Guys:

  • Aren’t the richest of Asians, but they are definitely the most culturally diverse and down to earth.
  • Are the least snobby, least high maintenance, and most humorous of Asians.

At the end, he writes a kind-of disclaimer:

All Asians are different. The “types’ of Asians that I described simply illustrates the kinds of Asians that I’ve encountered through my own experiences. My purpose for writing this blog is to simply answer the question that many people ask: “What are (Korean/Japanese/Filipino/Vietnamese/Chinese) Guys like?” This post is a basic, if not somewhat stereotypical example of the kinds of Asians that I encounter. There is a wide variation within each and I encourage everyone reader to use this as just a starting point. Read this, get a better understanding, and go out in the world and figure out what the different types of Asians are like for your own self. Even better, go date a few!

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Somewhat stereotypical? Use this as a starting point? If all Asians are different, then the question “What are they like?” is pretty irrelevant. (And they are all different.) File this under: ways to be a bad dater.